Anxiety and academic performance among secondary school pupils in Tanzania

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Anxiety is among the most prevalent psychological turmoil facing many school adolescents around the world. It affects about 13% to 25% of the adolescent population. This study was designed to examine the causes and effects of anxiety on academic performance among secondary school adolescents in Tanzania. The study utilized a survey method to collect data in two public secondary schools in Dodoma urban. Simple random sampling was used to involve 92 pupils among whom males counted for 45.8% and females 54.2%. The data collected through questionnaires were analyzed using descriptive analysis, multiple-responses and covariates (chi-square) through SPSS window version 20. Findings indicate that a considerable number of pupils were affected by anxiety leading to poor performance. The problem of anxiety differed across ages and sex among school adolescents. In addition to that, the study revealed that school rules, teachers' practices, and behaviours, corporal punishment as well as pupils’ irresponsibility were the causes of anxiety disorders experienced by the pupils. The majority of the pupils in schools has frequently experienced anxiety disorders and psychologists feel that these are psychological problems which could be cured through the provision of proper guidance and counselling, creating friendly environments and provision of information to pupils.
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Anxiety, Fear, Academic performance, Secondary schools, Psychological turmoil, School adolescents, Anxiety disorders
Yusuph, K. (2016). Anxiety and academic performance among secondary school pupils in Tanzania. Journal of Education, Society and Behavioural Science, 14(3, 1-7.