From teaching to teacher training: embedding important skills needed to develop a teacher trainer in cascaded teacher professional development programmes

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Cascaded teacher professional development (TPD) programmes can train many teachers within a short time frame compared to other models of teacher training. This is because trainers are teachers. Implementation of cascaded teacher training has been faced with many challenges as it puts emphasis on content knowledge. Trainers at different levels of the cascade model differ in terms of knowledge and skills. While many cascaded TPD programmes aim at creating secondary trainers, they are always trapped into transferring content knowledge alone to trainees. Skills are also needed to ensure they can transfer the learning to their contexts. This study used design based implementation research (DBIR) methodology in the design, development and implementation of the workshops that aimed to impart skills teachers need to become effective teacher trainers. Two content workshops with school teachers as participants were conducted, each followed by one skills workshop with 11 and 4 teacher trainers and experiences shared. The teacher trainers were selected based on set criteria at different stages. Analysis of open-ended data from teacher trainers showed that trainers mastered the skills and highlighted first steps when planning for a solo teacher training activity. This study contributes to the teacher training developers because, apart from the knowledge about the content, effective teacher trainers need different skills including skills on how to plan, conduct and evaluate teacher training workshops, participants and their contexts; development of activities and training materials, while preparing for a solo training.
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Cascade model, Teacher trainers,, Secondary trainers, Skills workshops, Teacher professional development, Teacher professional programmes
Ngeze, L. V., & Sridhar, I. Y. E. R. From Teaching to Teacher Training: Embedding Important Skills Needed to Develop a Teacher Trainer in Cascaded Teacher Professional Development Programmes.