An empirical study on E-learning adoption in Tanzanian secondary schools

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The University of Dodoma
The overall goal of this research work was to develop and validate an e-Learning adoption model in Tanzanian secondary schools as literature had not revealed any comprehensive model that is specifically used in determining the adoption of e-Learning in Tanzanian secondary schools. The existence of this gap encouraged the carrying out of this research to empirically test and validate the combination of the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), Task Technology Fit (TTF) and Technology Readiness Index (TRI) as well as other variables including Bilingualism and Support which were refined from the principles of e-Learning adoption. Therefore, in order to fill the gap, this research developed a validated model with relevant hypotheses which were tested for their predictive value. The model was initially applied and tested in teaching and learning ordinary level mathematics; however, it has broad application in evaluating the overall impact and effectiveness across a range of learning options. The key findings of this research confirmed the applicability of the developed model to explain e-Learning adoption in Tanzanian secondary schools. Furthermore, the research results showed that perceived usefulness, readiness and support were key determinants of the actual use of e-Learning, which in turn improved the academic performance of students. In addition, perceived TTF was found to significantly affect support and readiness while perceived ease of use and bilingualism were key determinants of perceived usefulness and readiness respectively. The findings also showed the importance of the developed e-Learning adoption model in specifying factors that can motivate students to use e-Learning in Tanzanian secondary schools.
Doctoral thesis
Secondary schools, Tanzania, Electronic learning, Technology acceptance model, Task technology fit, Technology readiness index, e-learning, E-learning adoption
Kondo, T. S. (2016). An empirical study on E-learning adoption in Tanzanian secondary schools (Doctoral thesis). The University of Dodoma, Dodoma.