Contribution of tourist cultural heritage sites in community livelihood in Bagamoyo district.

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The University of Dodoma
This study had assessed the Contribution of Tourist Cultural Heritage sites in the community livelihood which was conducted in Bagamoyo District, in three selected villages namely; Shaurimoyo, Soko jipya and Mwambao. Data were collected by using household questionnaire surveys, focus group discussions and interviews. One hundred respondents and twelve key informants were involved in the study. Quantitative data were analyzed by using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) software version 11.5, and content analysis, was used for qualitative information. Results have revealed that, majority of the respondents, were aware of the tourist cultural heritage sites such as Kaole ruins, Caravan serai, Ngome Kongwe and Catholic Museums. In addition, the overall majority did not benefit from the cultural heritage sites, though a fewer respondents indicated to receive benefits, such as an increase of income, capacity building, expansion and growth of trade, provision of social services and the provision of area for conducting business. Moreover, (88.8%) of respondents indicated that, they were not employed in tourism while (11.2%) responded to be employed. Challenges that hindered the local community to benefits were identified such as inadequate benefits sharing, poor participation in tourism activities and lack of awareness of tourism benefits, also respondents proposed measures to ensure they acquired benefits such as ensuring of equitable benefits sharing mechanism, raise awareness on tourism activities, promotion of tourism and an encouragement of tourism investment in Bagamoyo. The study concludes that, tourist cultural heritage sites are important for improving livelihoods of the local community in Bagamoyo through investing on tourism activities. Therefore, the Government, NGOs and tourism stakeholders have to ensure that local communities are fully involved and participating on eco-tourism which could improve the economy of local community hence, livelihood development.
Dissertation (MSc Natural Resources Management)
Tanzania, Tourism, Cultural heritage sites, Tourism community participation, Tourism development, Cultural heritage, Community livelihood, Bagamoyo, Shaurimoyo, Soko jipya, Mwambao, Kaole ruins, Caravan serai, Ngome kongwe
Mrema, D. J. (2015). Contribution of tourist cultural heritage sites in community livelihood in Bagamoyo district. Dodoma: The University of Dodoma.