The extent of mangroves deforestation and environmental impacts in Menai bay, Zanzibar

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The University of Dodoma
Mangrove forests are the most important coastal resource, requiring careful management when utilized as a resource. However, the existences of mangroves in Menai bay facing a major blow due to anthropogenic activities take place in the region. This dissertation, therefore, aims at examining the magnitude, and environmental impacts of mangrove deforestation in Menai bay as a strategy for mangrove forest resource conservation in Menai Bay, Zanzibar. The study used different methods to capture information from the study area; include- 94 household survey, 7 key informant interview and 3 focus group discussions conducted in communities surrounding the Menai Bay. The statistical package for social science (SPSS) version 20 and Microsoft Excel were used to analyze data obtained in the field. The findings of the study indicated that the main course of mangrove deforestation in the study area is charcoal production. The extensive deforestation is revealed in Unguja-Ukuu Kaepwani and Uzi communities. This has been contributed by various factors include; it’s closeness to the villagers influence encroachment of mangrove forest resources. In addition, the findings show that there is limited conservation knowledge in the study area. The study concludes that for improved management of mangroves forest resource in Zanzibar, local communities should play a stronger role in shaping management plans, protection and implementation of mangrove conservation plan which linked to the improvement of the rural income.
Dissertation (MSc Natural Resources Management)
Mangrove forest, Coastal resources, Forest conservation, Deforestation, Tanzania, Mangrove deforestation, Coastal resource conservation, Mangrove conservation, Mangroves forest resource, Forest resources, Local communities, Menai bay
Mfaume, A. H. (2015). The extent of mangroves deforestation and environmental impacts in Menai bay, Zanzibar. Dodoma: The University of Dodoma.