Implementation of the constructivist approach in competency-based learning of primary school science in Tanzania

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The University of Dodoma
The purpose of this study was to explore the implementation of constructivist approach in competency-based learning of primary science subject. The specific objectives of the study were: to investigate the teaching strategies used by teachers to implement constructivist approach; to examine institutional related factors which impact on teachers‟ teaching through constructivist approach; to assess effective of the constructivist training; and to examine the initiatives used to implement constructivist approach. The study employed a mixed methods approach and a cross sectional survey design. Data were collected through a structured-questionnaire, semi-structured interview, classroom observation and document analysis. Data analysis was carried out through quantitative and qualitative techniques. The study is underlying in the constructivism theory of learning. The findings revealed that teachers were still implementing teacher-centred strategy instead of learner-centred strategy. A shortage of both science teachers and material resources are serious problems in primary schools. In addition, the constructivist teacher training was not effective because it was missing thorough explanation of guiding elements of constructivist approach. Furthermore, the result shows that no formal initiatives were done at school and district levels in terms of regular training on constructivist approach and teacher professional development after the training conducted during the introduction of competency-based learning. The study concludes that the failure of teachers to implement constructivist approach is contributed by teachers lacking thorough knowledge and skills of using learner-centred strategy. The study recommends that a revised training program on constructivist approach is needed and teachers need the support of ongoing teacher professional development.
Thesis (PhD Education)
Tanzania, Competency-based learning, Primary science subject, Primary school, Learning science subject, Competency-based approach
Selemani, Y. (20140. Implementation of the constructivist approach in competency-based learning of primary school science in Tanzania (Doctoral thesis). The University of Dodoma, Dodoma.