Theoretical factors underlying data mining techniques in developing countries: a case of Tanzania

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Advances in Computer Science: an International Journal
Just as the mining of Tanzanite is the process of extracting large block of hard rock's by using sophisticated hard rock mining techniques to find valuable tanzanite glamour, data mining is the process of extracting useful information or knowledge from large un-organized data to enable effective decision making. Although data mining technology is growing rapidly, many IT experts and business consultants may not have a clue about the term. The purpose of this paper is to introduce data mining techniques, tools, a survey of data mining applications, data mining ethics and data mining process.
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Naive bayes, Logit transform, LADtree, Decisionstump, Data mining, Knowledge discovery, Data mining techniques, Developing countries
Diwani, S. A., & Sam, A. (2014). Theoretical Factors underlying Data Mining Techniques in Developing Countries: a case of Tanzania.Advances in Computer Science: an International Journal, Vol. 3, Issue 1.