Contribution of Support for Community Initiated Project (SCIP) on communities livelihood: case of Mkomazi National Park

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The University of Dodoma
The study to assess the contribution of support for the community-initiated project on Communities livelihood was conducted at Vumari and Kisiwani Barazani villages, in Same District. Case study research design was adopted. Data were collected by using household questionnaire surveys, Interviews and Focus Group Discussion (FGD). A total of 127 respondents were involved in the study. Information obtained through households questionnaire, was analyzed by using a Statistical Package for Social Sciences software version 16 (SPSS 16.0) and data from Group Focus Discussion and interviews, were analyzed thematically. Themes were categorized based on their similarities and commonalities as they arose. The findings of this study revealed that SCIP projects were known to local communities. Projects found in the area include school toilets, hostels and dispensary’s laboratories. Projects were within the village’s needs. Challenges that encountered SCIP were SCIP contribution, inadequate staff, poor community participation and political interference. The solution to the challenges includes implementation of more projects, community participation, provision of good neighbourliness education, transparency and implementation of projects within the time frame. SCIP projects had improved the livelihood of the communities’ adjacent to the Park through the funding of hostels, schools’ toilets and laboratories for the ward dispensary. These projects have ensured local communities to access to better education and health services. The SCIP has achieved twin goals of livelihood and conservation of the protected area. It is recommended that recruitments of more Outreach Warden encourage local people and other stakeholders to participate in all stages so as to encourage transparency and park officers especially OP should visit and conducting meetings with local communities adjacent to the park.
Dissertation (MSc Natural Resource Management)
Community initiated project, Community support, Livelihood, Tanzania, Community project, Tanzania National Park, Mkomazi National Park, Local communities, National park
Dengera, J. F. (2015). Contribution of Support for Community Initiated Project (SCIP) on communities livelihood: case of Mkomazi National Park. Dodoma: The University of Dodoma