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    Biofuel and biorefinery technologies volume 8: biodiesel: from production to combustion
    (Tylor & Francis, 2022) Kombe, Godlisten Gladstone
    Global environmental concerns about reducing greenhouse gas emissions and relying less on nonrenewable oil fuels have paved the way for biodiesel and other renewable energy sources. Unfortunately, despite increased demand for biodiesel fuel, the industry's growth has been hampered by low worldwide petrol-diesel prices. To solve this conundrum, the authors provided a thorough discussion of various policies that promote biodiesel development, cutting-edge prospective production technologies, life cycle assessment, and techno-economic analysis of biodiesel plants. This review attempts to analyze various issues as presented in this book. The book contains cutting-edge biodiesel manufacturing, purification, and upgrading techniques. It investigates global biodiesel production and its possible role in reducing the consequences of climate change. Biodiesel by-product uses, biodiesel plant techno-economic issues, and biodiesel life cycle assessment (LCA), among other issues, have all been comprehensively explored.