Contribution of construction mining materials to poverty alleviation in Dodoma municipality

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The University of Dodoma
The study on contributions of construction mining materials to poverty alleviation specifically focused on identifying types of construction mining materials present in Dodoma municipality. The study aimed at examining the demand of construction mining materials, contribution of construction mining materials on income earning and lastly, to examined the strategies and policies issues to improve the poverty status of the stakeholders in the study area. The study employed a cross sectional design in which both qualitative and quantitative approaches were used and 74 respondents were selected. Both probability and non-probability sampling was employed. The tools employed in data collection were questionnaires, interview guide, observation and documentary review. The types of construction mining materials available in the study area were sand, gravel, aggregate, stone and murram. The level of demand shows that the demand of sand was high compared to other construction minerals. The study revealed that construction mining materials can play a great role towards poverty reduction. However, this has been downplayed by most employees. In addition, it was revealed that the construction mining materials workers have been producing just for subsistence; hence it is difficult to reduce the income poverty to a large extent. However, on the other hand, the owners (employers) most of them get profit from such an activity. The results implied that the government should reform mining policy for the purpose of helping Small Scale Miners particularly wage earners. The study concludes by stating that poverty alleviation among mining workers and transporters were not much noticeable while those who were mining right holders do get profits. The study recommends effective collaboration among all key stakeholders in the construction mining materials sector.
Dissertation (Master of Business Administration)
Mining materials, Poverty alleviation, Dodoma, Construction materials, Construction mining materials, Mining policy, Mining
Affa, A. E. (2017). Contribution of construction mining materials to poverty alleviation in Dodoma municipality. Dodoma. University of Dodoma