The uses of metaphors in Swahili newspapers headlines and its effects in communication

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The University of Dodoma
Metaphor is an intriguing concept. It is used implicitly as well as explicitly at different levels. Basically, metaphor is a linguistic device; it is used to compare certain objects, feelings and attitudes with other entities. This study investigated the use of metaphors in Swahili Newspapers headlines and their effects in communication with the aim of identifying metaphors used in Swahili newspapers, the effects of metaphors and the role they play in news reporting as well as the reaction of newspaper readers towards metaphors in Swahili newspapers. The study was conducted in Dodoma municipality and Dar es Salaam. Total of 25 respondents were interviewed in order to get the required information. Also the researcher used four Swahili newspapers which were published between September and October 2014. The study is guided by Cognitive theory of Metaphor as propounded by Lakoff and Johnstone (1980) which consider metaphor as essential component of human cognition. This is to say that the use of metaphors is a cognitive process. It is a conceptual system which structures all activities that people do every day. Multiple techniques were used to collect data and their analysis was done qualitatively. The techniques used to get data include interview, documentary review and questionnaire. The findings of the study show that ontological, orientation and structural metaphors are used in Swahili Newspapers headlines. Furthermore, it has been noted that such metaphors are used by journalists with two major reasons which are to capture the attention of the readers but also metaphors help them to present issues easily and be understood. Lastly, newspaper readers seemed to enjoy the kind of language which journalists use in reporting news.
Dissertation (MA Linguistics)
Metaphor, Linguistic device, Swahili newspapers, Swahili language, News reporting, Cognitive theory, Human cognition, Newspaper reporting, Ontological metaphors, Orientation metaphors, Structural metaphors, Newspaper headlines
Ishengoma, N. (2014). The uses of metaphors in Swahili newspapers headlines and its effects in communication (Master's dissertation). The University of Dodoma, Dodoma.