Assessment of stress and coping strategies among undergraduate students at The University of Dodoma, Tanzania

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The University of Dodoma
The study assesses the stresses and coping strategies among undergraduate students of the University of Dodoma. The study employed a random sampling procedure to get 100 respondents, who are the University of Dodoma undergraduate students. Data collected were analyzed by using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 16 for Quantitative Data and content analysis for Qualitative data. The study employed cross-sectional survey design. Methods that were used for collecting data were documentary review, interview and questionnaires. The findings have revealed that delay to get loans from HESLB, releasing course work marks, and starting lecture when semesters begin, lectures at the week of UE preparation, non-provision of loans to some students, lack of proper transport services around university campus, limited spacing between one test to another, long lectures without or with little rest" are the higher ranked stressors at the University of Dodoma. The findings of this study also have revealed that poor study performance, health problems such as headaches, difficulty in concentration and easy forget during studying, frustration, insomnia, oversleep to some students are the major effects of stress for UDOM students. On the other hand the findings of the study showed that, students cope with stress through prayers, social support from fellow students and relatives, positive appraisal, study discussion and rituals like stories, jokes and watching movies, where there is statistical significance between male and female students on watching movies, at correlation Person Chi square p< 0.02. The study concludes that students have little knowledge on stress and useful coping methods. The implication of this study to existing policy is that stressors for university students are not limited to academic issues but also from personal, social, political and economic sphere. This means that dealing with tress should not only be limited to student themselves but also the surrounding environment in particular.
Dissertation (MA Education)
Undergraduate Students, Stresses strategies, Coping strategies, Poor study performance, Study performance, UDOM, The University of Dodoma, Tanzania, UDOM students, Coping strategies
Bakar, H. Y. (2014). Assessment of stress and coping strategies among undergraduate students at The University of Dodoma, Tanzania. Dodoma: The University of Dodoma.