Reflections of science students’ career-related needs on secondary school curriculum in Tanzania

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The University of Dodoma
Career needs have been identified as among the challenges that hinder science students in choosing appropriate career. This is due to unique needs that science students have regarding career choices. In this study, the researcher investigated reflections of science students' career-related needs on school curriculum, major aspirations behind the identified needs and the degree to which school curriculum reflects those needs. The study was conducted in Dodoma Municipality using both qualitative and quantitative research approaches. The descriptive survey research design was used so as to suit the study‟s demands because it allows collection of data from secondary schools with different characteristics. Moreover, the study revealed that major science students‟ career-related needs include; career information, motivation, orientation, guidance, and counseling that enable them to gain knowledge of the self and world of work, employment opportunities, career requirements and salary prospects. Furthermore, it was found that, school curriculum covered more on academic materials with little attention on career-related matters. Lack of professional/ career advisors and unclear policy for implementing career services delay the understanding of science students‟ career-related needs. On the basis of the findings, the researcher concluded that career services among science students are essential to meet their career-related needs. Based on the research findings, the study recommended that the government and all education stakeholders should recognize a strong need to incorporate students‟ career-related needs in the school curriculum.
Dissertation (MA Education)
Science, Career needs, Students needs, Counseling, Professionalism, Professional advisor, School curriculum, Education, Dodoma, Tanzania, Career choices, Career guidance, Career development
Magesa, F. (2017). Reflections of science students’ career-related needs on secondary school curriculum in Tanzania. Dodoma: The University of Dodoma.