The influence of country of origin on customers’ purchase intention: a case of made in China consumer goods

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The University of Dodoma
Country of origin has been found to be one among decision making aids that assist customers in evaluating products and make purchase decisions. It does not only impact purchasing decision, but also may determine success or failure of companies in the international markets. Despite vast research conducted, there is still a question on how it influences the purchase intention of customers toward Made in China goods that are perceived to be counterfeit. This study attempts to fill the research gap by examine the influence of country of origin on customers' purchase intention on Made in China consumer goods in Tanzania, where research is limited. The influence of country of origin have been studied specifically through analyzing its variables i.e. country image, product involvement and product familiarity, and how they impact purchase intention of Made in China electronic products. To achieve these objectives, a cross sectional descriptive survey was done and structured questionnaires were administered to 384 respondents located in Dodoma Urban district, Dodoma region, Tanzania. of those 287 questionnaires were return and could be used for analysis. Descriptive statistical analysis was done using structural equation modeling. The results show that customers purchase intentions are highly influenced with country of origin. The study observed that Country image, product involvement and familiarity have positive and significant influence on customers’ purchase intention with β = 0.094, p < 0.006, β = 0.487, p < 0.001 and β= 0.031, p= 0.017 respectively. Therefore, it is recommended that improving country image, creating high level of product involvement and familiarize customers with the products can be a winning strategy to local manufacturers and suppliers in both domestic and international markets. These findings are useful in formulating marketing strategies and could assist in business policy formulation and thus facilitate improvement and promotion of business and industrial sector in Tanzania
Dissertation (Master of business administration)
Country of Origin, Purchase intention, Made in China, Consumer goods
Riyami, N. K. (2023). The influence of country of origin on customers’ purchase intention: a case of made in China consumer goods (Master dissertation). The University of Dodoma.