Challenges facing Zanzibar traders in East African community market; a case study of urban district of Unguja

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The University of Dodoma
African countries and their development partners recognise the importance of regional integration for strengthening their bargaining powers. Due to that, in 1967 Tanzania and other East African countries had agreed to establish a sub regional integration known as East African Community (EAC). This study has been carried out at Urban Disrtict of Unguja. The study involved 65 respondents. The main objective of the study was to analyse challenges facing Zanzibar traders in EAC market. The specific objectives of the study were to investigate the level of awareness among the Zanzibar traders on the aim of the EAC, to determine the status of trade in Zanzibar within the EAC market and to identify strategies that will enhance commitment of Zanzibar in the EAC market. In this study data were collected by using questionnaires and interview. Data analysis was done by application of Statistical Package for Social Sciences . Through this analysis the study revealed that, the Zanzibar traders are not benefiting in the EAC market due to some obstacles such as technical barriers, language barriers, higher transport cost and double taxation and so on. Therefore, those complexities should be regarded by the Tanzania Government as the challenges facing the Zanzibar traders in EAC market. Finally the report recommends that the Tanzania Government in collaboration with the Zanzibar Government should carry out a training concerning with a trade across the border. Also, these Governments should ensure that the commodities produced in Zanzibar meet all requirements in order to export commodities which have high standard. Moreover, the Tanzania Government should implement all strategies concerning trade issues so as to enhance commitment of Zanzibar in EAC market and other regional integration.
Dissertation (MA International Relations)
Community market, East African market, Regional integration, East African Community, EAC, Taxation, Border trade
Salmin, N. A. (2014). Challenges facing Zanzibar traders in East African community market; a case study of urban district of Unguja (Master dissertation). The University of Dodoma, Dodoma