The performance of solid waste collectors in Zanzibar: a case study of stone town in Zanzibar municipality

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The University of Dodoma
The purpose of this study wasto assess the performance of solid waste collectors in Zanzibar. Specifically the study examined the existing system on solid waste management, the challenges facing solid waste management system, and the amount paid by the households for solid waste management and the period of payment for solid waste management in Stone Town, Zanzibar. A sample size of 65 respondents was selected for the study. Both primary and secondary data were used during the study whereby social survey and structured interviews were used as method of data collection.. Data analysis employed using both qualitative and quantitative. The quantitative data was analysed by using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) software version 16 and the qualitative data analysis was done using with the use of content analysis, a method that examines artifacts of social communication, which included written documents or transcriptions of recorded verbal communication such as interviews and field notes (Van, 1995),The findings of this study unveiled that the existing system performance is poor to fulfil its responsibility such as collecting solid waste from the households. Besides, the Municipality has inadequate workers, has very pitiable tools or equipment of working. With the existing poor working condition and low charged waste management services provision, it is extremely difficult for authorities to recover the cost of provision and maintain the bench mark waste management practices in Stone Town. Also, the study found that active participation of the community is of prime importance, the Municipality has so deplorable corporation with the stakeholders such its local inhabitants. The study further explore that the existing system in charge does not enforced bylaw in its operation, therefore effective waste management and environmental protection programmes call for a clear definition of roles, jurisdictions, legal responsibilities and rights of the concerned governmental bodies and other organisations. The study recommended that the solid waste management services should be privatized by announcing the privatization of the sector and bidding process of contracting for specific period will create competition in the market and improve efficiency. Lastly, the study recommends that collection of solid waste should be done through participatory approach between the community and the this will reduce operational cost, ensure timely collection, transportation in general and specifically proper waste management
Dissertation (MA Sociology)
Performance, Solid waste, Waste collectors, Management, Solid waste management, Stone town, Zanzibar
Kali, S. M., (2015). The performance of solid waste collectors in Zanzibar: a case study of stone town in Zanzibar municipality. Dodoma: The University of Dodoma.