Factors for persistence of land use conflicts

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The University of Dodoma
This study investigated factors for persistence of land use conflicts in Kilombero District, Tanzania. The study focused on identifying groups involved, types and impacts of land use conflicts and examining strategies used in addressing land use conflicts in the study areas. The study covered three villages namely Mbingu, Mwaya and Idete within the Kilombero District. A total of 100 head of households and 30 key informants were involved in the study. Data was collected through Questionnaires, Focused group Discussion and Observation. Descriptive and Cross tabulation were used to analyze data. Cross tabulation was used to compare categories of respondents between the villages. The mean was used to establish values while frequencies and percentages established the proportions. The results indicate that major land use stakeholders include are farmers (94%) and pastoralists (91%). Most groups involved in land use conflicts are pastoralists against farmers and farmers against institutions. Results also revealed that land ownership (73%) and boundaries (62%) were the major types of land use conflicts. Poor leadership was a major cause of land use conflicts accounting for high frequencies (91%) of all land use conflicts. The results also revealed that migration of people was a major impact of land use conflicts. The results also indicate that community participation (43.3%), rules and regulations (80%) and establishment of institutions to enforce rules and regulations are major strategies used to address land use conflicts. The study recommends that the government should establish land use plans in most parts of the rural areas in order to avoid misuse of land, promote good governance and formulate appropriate rules and regulations governing land uses for all parts of the country.
Dissertation (MA Development Studies)
Land use, Land use conflicts, Kilombero land use, Tanzania, Pastoralists land use, Farmers land conflicts
Ramadhani, M. (2016). Factors for persistence of land use conflicts: a case of Kilombero district, Tanzania. Dodoma: The University of Dodoma