Sunflower price differentials attributed to the disparity of traditional cost accounting and conventional methods in Tanzania

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Sunflower is among the key cash crops in Tanzania, which contribute significantly to the country’s economy. As it is the case for other crop subsectors, sunflower is also grown in abundance by smallholder farmers. Nevertheless, they had been living in poverty throughout their careers in agriculture which on the other hand benefited the counterparties in the trading deals. The unfair price offered to sunflower farmers was discovered in this study to be a misfortune in their investments. The conventional average farm-gate price of TZS. 622.449/Kg was found to be out of the price ranges that were backed by traditional cost accounting system, leaving farmers making losses of minimum TZS. 99.889/Kg. This study was conducted in Singida Region, Tanzania where a sample of 206 household farmers was used to obtain primary data on activity costs while the secondary data concerning the conventional price were obtained from the Districts’ sales reports and farmers’ records. Inferential statistics with one-sample test model was used alongside the IBM SPSS 26.0 statistical package in the quantitative data analysis. It was recommended, further studies to be conducted to explore more about the production cost that is backed by the activity-based costing (ABC) system, as it is more effective in assigning overheads to cost object than the traditional costing.
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Sunflower, Traditional cost accounting, Conventional price, Activity-based costing, ABC
Molela, G., Baraza, M., Msese, L., Kaluse, M., & Mlay, F. (2021). Sunflower Price Differentials Attributed to the Disparity of Traditional Cost Accounting and Conventional Methods in Tanzania. Journal of Finance and Accounting, 9(4), 111.