Impact of mining activities to the adjacent communities in Tanzania: a case of Acacia Buzwagi gold mines in Kahama municipality

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The University of Dodoma
This study has assessed the impacts of BGM activities on the livelihood of the adjacent communities in Kahama Municipality. Specifically, it aimed to examine the methods of mining operations and their effects on the social services, determine and examine the interventional measures of Acacia Buzwagi Gold Mines in ensuring the safety of residents, in the surrounding communities, find out the effects of mining on farming activities and assess the role of local authority, in regulating the activities of mining company. The study has employed a cross sectional design in which, both qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection. A total of 242 respondents and 12 key informants were involved. Data were analysed by using SPSS and Ethnographic Content Analysis. Findings have revealed more than (95%) had the knowledge on effects of mining operations and activities. The community members complained on the adverse effects experienced to their livelihoods. They included appropriation of land and displacement of peoples (67.9%); a reduction in agricultural and pastoral activities (≥ 50%), environmental pollution leading to the increased incidences of diseases such as water borne and skin rashes, as reported by respondents. Others were revealed on houses blockages and cracks due to intensive blasting; social change and high cost of living. BGM contributed more in education (71.6) and health services (100%). The government, investors and other stakeholders should ensure thorough cost benefit analysis on socio-economic and environmental implications in order to safeguard the interests of impacted communities surrounding the mining industry. The aim is to ensure safe and ecologically friendly mining activities. The Government should make laws and policies in strengthening transparency and accountability in managing the resources, provided by mining companies and to reform the role of local authority in regulating the mining activities.
Dissertation (MA Business Administration)
Mining, BGM, Kahama, Gold mining impacts, Mining challenges, Mining effects, Buzwagi Gold Mines
Amnaay, E. H. (2016). Impact of mining activities to the adjacent communities in Tanzania: A case of Acacia Buzwagi gold mines in Kahama municipality. Dodoma: The University of Dodoma.