The contribution of heads of school in curbing teachers’ misconduct in Tanzanian public secondary schools:

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The University of Dodoma
The main objective of this study was to examine the Contribution of heads of school in curbing teacher's misconduct in Tanzanian public secondary schools. It involves views and/or experience from different groups of stakeholders in education systems in Kilimanjaro Region, more specifically in Moshi Municipal Council. The study employed both qualitative and quantitative approaches which were informed by a case study design. Data relevant to this study were collected through interviews, questionnaires, document analysis, and observation checklists Moreover, the data were classified and synthesized in the major themes and sub-themes, and some of the arguments and explanations of participants were presented as quotations. Quantitative data gathered through questionnaires and document search which categorized and presented in graphical and tabular forms and converted into frequencies and percentages. This process was done with the assistance of the computer excel software package. The study reveals that, first; teacher's professional misconduct was prevalent in Moshi Municipality with some variation in terms of type, cause, and frequency. Secondly, the variation of teacher's misconduct in schools was greatly influenced by teacher's sex, work experience, and level of education. In view of the research findings recounted, the study concludes that teacher‟s misconduct is a problem of great concern in Moshi Municipal schools that affects teachers' work performance, the teaching, and learning process, and the quality of education at large. some suggestions gave out that Power and authority to sanction teacher's who misbehave, the head of schools should provided with skills of administration and administration allowances, the teacher's living conditions should be improved to rescue the situations, lets the further studies be conducted on the vi contribution of others Educational administrators such as TSD Official, MEOs, School Inspectors towards addressing teacher's misconduct.
Dissertation (MA Public Administration)
Public secondary schools, Kilimanjaro region, Moshi municipal council, Education systems, Educational management, Remote teaching, Teachers’ misconduct, teachers' code of conduct, Examination fraud, Professional ethics, Education policy
Tluway, Z. (2015). The contribution of heads of school in curbing teachers’ misconduct in Tanzanian public secondary schools: a case of Moshi municipal council. Dodoma: The University of Dodoma.