Teachers’ participation in school decision making towards job satisfaction in public primary schools in Tanzania

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The University of Dodoma
This study set out to determine whether teachers' involvement in school decision making and their happiness with their work were related. The study investigated the involvement of teachers in decision-making among public elementary schools in Tanzania's Kisarawe district, Pwani region. Concurrent triangulation design was mostly used in this study through a mixed research methodology. The Mary Follet Human Connections Theory served as the study's foundation. The sample size was made of 271 respondents who were chosen using random convenience and purposive sampling procedures (180 classroom teachers, 74 head teachers, and 17 Ward Education Officers). Data were gathered through surveys, interviews, and a review of the available documentation. IBM statistical software for the social sciences was used for analysis (SPSS). The study's conclusions showed that teachers' involvement in decision-making processes in their workplaces significantly increased their sense of job satisfaction. However, execution was lacking. Further, the practice in the school shows that the teachers’ participation level was not satisfactory. Some ways and patterns of involvement were revealed, such as staff meeting in departmental meetings and school committee meetings. The decision-making participation in public primary schools was not effectively done due to various reasons. These were such as time constraints, the types of decisions that teachers knew how to make and how they communicated with one another, as well as the head teacher's resistance. These were found to be the key obstacles to teachers' successful engagement in decision-making processes. The study recommends for school administrators to acknowledge and accept that some teaching-related tasks must be completed with teachers' participation rather than according to their wishes. Also, education administrators must acknowledge the role of teachers in decision making. Although not every time and in everything; it is necessary to involve teachers to contribute in important issues in schools. In addition, head teachers should ensure that all meetings have well scheduled timelines and are done basing on the arranged time and date to avoid inconveniences that make teachers fail to participate effectively in such meetings.
Dissertation ( Education)
Primary schools participation, Teachers participation, Job satisfaction in primaryschools, Decision making, Primary school job
Ruth, K. (2023). Teachers’ participation in school decision making towards job satisfaction in public primary schools in Tanzania. (Master's Dissertation) The University of Dodoma