The influence of leadership styles on management of public secondary schools: the Case of Dodoma municipality Tanzania

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The University of Dodoma
This study aimed at finding out the influence of the leadership style adopted by the heads of schools in managing public secondary schools in Dodoma municipality. The study was guided by three specific objectives which were to; investigate the forces that led the heads of schools to adopt a certain type of leadership; to identify the actual types of leadership style adapted by the heads of schools and to explore the constraints faced by the heads of schools in adopting leadership styles on management public secondary school. Methodologically, the study employed a multiple case study design in which qualitative research approach was employed to gather data. Data were collected through semi-structured interviews, focused group discussion (FGD) and documentary review. It involved a sample size of 50 respondents comprising 3 of education officers, 4 school heads, 20 teachers, 12 parents, and 6 member of school board. The findings of the study revealed that there were some forces related to school environment, economic status of the community, discipline of both teachers and students, and political factors that influenced the heads of school to adapt a certain type of leadership style, including democratic, authoritarian, dictatorship, laissezfaire, or charismatic. However, the study showed that the heads of schools were constrained by some factors to effectively apply a certain type of leadership style. Those constraints included students‟ truancy, high number of students, inappropriate discipline of teachers and students, insufficient budget and underutilization of resources and poor cooperation. Therefore, the study suggests that the governments should provide regular trainings; seminars or workshops to heads of school on how to effectively administer schools that make them apply a sound leadership style to suit the current environment for optimal results.
Dissertation (MA Education)
Leadership, Leadership styles, Head teachers, Management skills, Secondary schools, Public schools, Dodoma, Tanzania, Democratic leadership, Laissez-faire leadership, Authoritarian leadership, Charismatic leadership, Leadership skills
Mayenga, J. S. (2017). The influence of leadership styles on management of public secondary schools: the Case of Dodoma municipality Tanzania.Dodoma: The University of Dodoma