Women leadership in local government authorities in Tanzania: a case of Mkalama district council

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The University of Dodoma
This study has aimed at examining women leadership in the local councils in a case of Mkalama District council. The study specifically sought to provide an overview of magnitude of participation and performance in the local councils, determine the extent of their effective performance, the contributions of women in developing the local councils, the levels to which women occupied in leadership and challenges that women encountered, in participating and in performing their leadership duties in the local council. The study also sought to examine the number to which women are in Mkalama District Council. The Possible measures to foster and improve the situation of women leaders and women in general from participating in leadership in local councils was another objective of the study. Simple random and purposive sampling methods were used to select the respondents among women in the local councils and members of the wards and village councils so as to reduce bias.Data were collected through questionnaires, interviews, focus group discussion and field observations. Analysis of the data was done through Statistical Package for Social Sciences(SPSS). Findings of the study highlighted the current situation and the extent of women leaders’ participation in local councils as well as the challenges encountered and measures proposed to mitigate those challenges and their contribution in the developing socio-economic and political status of women. The study recommends that there should be initiatives based on improving women participation and performance in local councils so as to foster women representation, also the contribution of CBO’s, NGO’s and other stakeholders to assist women leaders.
Dissertation (MA Public Administration)
Women leadership, Tanzania, Local government authorities, Mkalama district, Local government, Leadership challenges
Ifanda, D. F. (2016). Women leadership in local government authorities in Tanzania: a case of Mkalama district council. Dodoma: The University of Dodoma