Management of succession planning in higher learning institutions Tanzania the case of College of Business Education

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The University of Dodoma
This study aimed at assessing the Management of succession planning in the Higher Learning Institutions especially in the specific areas of short-term and long term training, recruitment and retirement, Job description and the Performance Management System to see how they are applied as a complete circle for HR development, replacement and utilization in the organisation. The study was conducted at College of Business Education –Dodoma Campus Tanzania. Questionnaires and documentary review were used to collect both primary and secondary data for this study. The study objectives, together with the research questions, were the major guidelines for deciding appropriate methods of data collection to make this study a success. The findings of this study revealed that, although short-term training and long term trainings are provided in CBE, Short –term trainings are given less weight compared to long-term training when it comes to the preparation of future leaders. The study also reveals that balancing the rate of retirement with employment is still a challenge in CBE. There are still gaps caused by retirement. Regarding job descriptions, this study reveals that although a majority of employees do possess job descriptions, they are neither updated nor related with the current organisational objectives or strategic plans, as well as other national adopted strategies and policies. Regarding whether the available performance management system (OPRAS) results are used as a base for consideration when doing HR Development activities such as Training and Coaching and HR Replacement activities such as promotion and transfer of employees, this study discloses that it is either not done or unknown within CBE.
Dissertation (MA Public Administration)
High learning institutions, Management plan, Succession management, Human resource training, Recruitment, Tanzania, College of Business Education, CBE, Human resources management
Msemo, N. (2015). Management of succession planning in higher learning institutions Tanzania the case of College of Business Education. Dodoma: The University of Dodoma