The role of heads of public secondary schools in involving parents in the management of students’ behaviours in Rufiji district, Tanzania

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The University of Dodoma
This study investigated strategies used by the heads of public secondary schools in Rufiji District, Tanzania to engage parents in managing students’ behaviour. The study used a qualitative approach and case study design with a sample of 37 participants (24 teachers, 4 heads of school, 8 parents, and 1 DEO). Data were collected through interviews, focus group discussions, and document reviews. The findings showed that heads of school were using strategies such as writing letters and making phone calls to request parents’ attendance at teacher-parent discipline meetings, and were using rewards and punishment to encourage or discourage student behaviour. The study also found that forming discipline committees and involving local government authorities were effective strategies. In addition, the findings showed that the challenges faced by school leaders in involving parents included: political interference, low parent attendance and response, low parental support in dealing with their children’s misbehaviour and use of abusive language. The study concludes that involving parents in managing students’ misbehaviour is important. The study recommends that the school administrations and teachers should adopt appropriate communication strategies that will help to improve parents’ response rates to school activities. To the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and school administrations, they should give psychological support to students through effective guidance and counselling programmes. It is also recommended for the school administrations to work closely with local government authorities in order to avoid unnecessary political interferences. The school administration and teachers should initiate programmes and activities that would influence the participation and support of the parents for the school including their participation in addressing students’ misbehaviours in schools.
Dissertation ( Educational Management and Administration)
Students behaviors, Secondary school heads, Student discipline, Parents involvement, Managing student behaviours
Mboma, N. G. (2023). The role of heads of public secondary schools in involving parents in the management of students’ behaviours in Rufiji district, Tanzania. (Master's Dissertation) The University of Dodoma